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About Us

Delivering Innovation Since 1969

Diversified Agriculture has been bringing innovative products to the North American agriculture market since 1969. Over the last decade we have expanded our product lines, focusing on solutions designed to maximize performance. We remain committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality products in the most efficient manner possible.


Behind each quality product stands the Diversified family, people who put relationships first, value integrity, and drive innovation with everything they do.

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Our high level of customer satisfaction results from our hassle-free customer experience. From sales and training to installation and service, our goal is to provide reliable, efficient results.


Our strong relationships are built on a foundation of trust and respect. We understand that by delivering on our promises we guarantee continued mutual success


Our company leaders value the role of every employee and enable each person to excel. Diversified shows the same respect and support to its customers and vendors alike.

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Excellence Through Innovation

For nearly five decades, the mission at Diversified Agriculture has remained steadfast: keep a customer for life. Our success in that mission is the result of our dedication to innovation. As production needs shift over the years, we continuously rise to the challenge, diligently working to provide durable, effective solutions to maximize performance and minimize costs.

Today, the Diversified name is synonymous with quality and performance. Our long-term success can be attributed to our consistent delivery of innovative products that add value throughout the production cycle.

Our Trusted Brands


Setting The Standard Of Excellence

At Diversified Agriculture, we are proud to offer the true standard of excellence in the poultry, swine, dairy, and greenhouse industries. We commit ourselves to finding and delivering the finest products and services, backed by expert consultation and support. The result has been continued growth, satisfied customers, and excellence in animal production.


Jake Peaster

Jake Peaster

Triple P Ranch

The value of the DuraDrive comes in the reliability of it, and the nylon belt that gives you trouble-free service.

Jim Britt

Jim Britt

Britt Technical Services

Rotem controllers help save on the gas costs, energy costs from running fewer fans. In the process of that it gives them a better bird, better product, and in the end better money.

Mark Gillis

QC Supply

The Diversified Tunnel Shutter has the ability to move a lot of air per square foot, providing an ideal air pattern without having to extend into the house where the animals are.

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