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Colorado Conference Series – Chicken and Sustainability: Through the Consumers’ Eyes With Joyce Neth

Colorado Conference Series – Chicken and Sustainability: Through the Consumers’ Eyes With Joyce Neth

Diversified’s 12th Distributor Appreciation Meeting took place in scenic Avon, Colorado and was filled with educational sessions, beautiful views, and a variety of outdoor activities.

In addition to roundtable discussion and upcoming products and services, the conference included presentations from three industry professionals–Joyce Neth, Michael Czarick, and Vance Keaton–who shared their knowledge on consumer behaviors, house management, and poultry farm economics.

In case you missed it, Diversified has created a three-part series to summarize key information from our guest speakers.

“Chicken and Sustainability: Through The Consumers’ Eyes”

Joyce Neth with WATT Global Media gave insight into consumer trends, sustainability, and the current shift of food attitudes. The good news is that chicken remains protein king despite inflation and the rise of plant-based alternatives. According to the 2022 statistics from a WATT Global Media survey, 88% of US adults said they eat meals made with fresh chicken more than once a week, while 99% said they do so more than once a month.

However, inflation is causing consumers to change their behaviors. A Chicken Marketing Summit survey showed that 85% of consumers recognize chicken prices are higher than the start of the year, citing higher fuel prices, feed prices, and wages. Neth described how as a result, people are trading down for less expensive cuts, value packs, and store brands. Despite the effects of inflation, dollar sales remain strong. Health, versatility, and value remain chicken’s purchase drivers, while wings and thighs continue to power sales.

Neth discussed how sustainability has become a core value for millennials and Gen Z, with sustainability-marketed products accounting for 17% of purchases. Companies are focusing on responsible messaging, especially regarding meat, but consumers are demanding accountability rather than just labels and messaging. She went into detail about sustainability reports and how companies are using them to show accountability and build trust.

These trends are likely to continue, and Neth recommends producers, retailers, and food service be mindful of the millennial shift and focus on price strategies and forecasting, promo investment, targeted communications, and innovation.

For more news and insights, please visit WATT’s Chicken Marketing Summit  and Poultry Tech Summit pages.




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