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Meyhen International, MATTCO Partner with WG Mars to Form New Company Focused on Processing Efficiencies

Two leading suppliers to the poultry processing industry, Meyhen International (sister company to Diversified) and Mattco Industrial Products, recently partnered with efficiency experts at WG Mars to form MARS Food Processing Solutions in an effort to help poultry processors gain access to the information necessary to maximize plant efficiency.

Based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, WG Mars (monitoring and reporting systems) is the developer of cutting-edge software that monitors various processes in poultry processing plants and enables precise control to boost output.

“I have seen plants significantly increase yield and revenue with WG Mars process efficiency systems,” said Harry Batty, President at Mattco Industrial Products. “With the creation of Mars Food Processing Solutions, we aim to become a more responsive supplier to the industry, giving processors the information they need to better manage their business.”

The WG Mars scalder management software enables temperature control within a half degree, helping processors increase yield. The company has also developed paw and giblet tracking solutions to help processors easily meet USDA standards. Founded in 2006 by Wade Jones, WG Mars’ solutions can now be found in 65 plants in the U.S.

Backed by the resources of Meyhen and MATTCO, the new company will “focus on the R&D needed to help processors yield more and enhance plant management,” said Meyhen International President, Meir Toshav. “In addition, this partnership will help us better understand industry challenges and provide timely and cost-effective solutions.”

MARS Food Processing Solutions will be headquartered in Denver, NC, with an additional service center in Fort Smith, AR. Learn more at

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