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Diversified Vent

The Diversified Vent System brings improved performance, decreased energy costs and labor-saving automation to house ventilation with its durable construction, larger inlet opening and innovative drive system design.


The Diversified Vent is a cost competitive alternative to standard inlets that simplifies ventilation management while delivering the highest insulation value in the industry. Available in two sizes–44” x 12” and 44” x 6”–the larger inlet opening allows producers to manage ventilation with fewer vents, and the durable construction extends vent longevity.


BroilersBreedersTurkeyVentilation, HeatingDiversified Agriculture 

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  • 2-inch thick galvanized steel shutter with foam-filled expanded polystyrene
  • Larger inset opening, up to 44”x12”
  • Adjustable internal air baffles
  • Stainless steel 304 corrosion-resistant hinges



  • Larger vent size allows you to maintain minimum ventilation with decreased number of vents
  • Competitive price on vent helps users upgrade to the automated drive system
  • R9 insulation value significantly reduces energy costs
  • Stainless steel hinges require no lubrication and offer long-term reliability
  • Angled lip promotes excellent air flow
  • Three drive system options provide flexibility; torque-tube drive can be mounted on sidewall or ceiling; automates vent selection at brooding times for labor savings

Technical Specifications

Vent size optionsUp to 44” x 12”44” x 6”
Drive System OptionsStandard Cable DriveTorque-Tube DriveRack and Pinion Drive
Smooth control of ventsYesYesYes
Automatic selection brooding zone ventsNoYesNo
Controlled with G3 DuraDriveYesYesYes
Positive force openNoNoYes


Vents Brochure

Download installation manual (PDF)

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