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The FeedCast Inventory Control System is a wireless, solar powered solution that monitors feed bin inventory, and delivers precise data and actionable metrics to help more efficiently allocate resources in the feed supply chain.


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  • Magnetic-based installation with all system components external to bin
  • Solar-powered design with internal backup battery
  • Scheduled reports or alerts can be sent by email or text.
  • Generated reports show inventory, feed rates and overall bird progress.
  • System software upgrades are installed remotely.
  • Hardware components are designed to be plug and play. System sends alerts if hardware failure is detected.
  • System wide health check performed with each feed bin inventory read.



  • Average installation time is 20 minutes with no bin modifications necessary and no special tools required.
  • Insusceptible to lightning
  • Data is always accessible by API or web portal.
  • Real-time feed inventory monitoring allows for delivery confirmation, conversion data and consumption predictions.
  • Automate operations and help discover potential issues with your feeding system (e.g. clogged auger, unopened bin) before they affect growth.
  • Eliminate feed outs, monitor growth performance and plan future deliveries to minimize truck dispatch.
  • No onsite visits necessary for simplified maintenance, low cost of ownership.


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