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Product Info

Diversified Nest-O-Matic
Diversified Nest-O-Matic


The uniquely designed Diversified Nest-O-matic is poised to revolutionize the breeder industry with its no-slat design—saving up to 10 broken eggs per hen. The spacious interior of the community nest enables better air flow for drier litter and cleaner eggs, while promoting improved fertility and hatchabilty.


The Nest-O-matic is a community nest without slats. It helps lower bird stress and encourages hens to lay in the nest, which means eggs have the best chance of getting to the hatchery clean and free of excess contamination for improved fertility and hatchability. By removing the slats, leg problems due to slipping are decreased, which can reduce male mortality and spiking. And, hens have been shown to begin water and feed consumption within minutes of being introduced to the house.


Breeders, Nesting Systems, Diversified Agriculture

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  • Large ventilation holes
  • Exclusive lifting system
  • Perforated egg conveyor
  • Removeable floor mat
  • Quickly retractable legs



  • No-slat design saves 8 to 10 eggs per hen from breaking on slats
  • Spacious design gives hens ample room to move and creates pleasant environment for laying
  • Large ventilation holes keeps litter drier and decreases ammonia levels
  • No-slat design creates a large scratch area, which decreases male mortality
  • Removable floor mats are quick and easy to clean for improved hygiene
  • Lifting system decreases labor needs

Technical Specifications

  • Can accommodate two rows of nests based on the length of the house
  • Available in automatic, semi-automatic and manual


Nest-O-Matic Brochure

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