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Plasson Feeders

Plasson offers a full line of feeders for broilers, breeders, poults, turkeys and ducks that help producers improve feed conversion, and reduce mortality, condemnations and labor costs. Every feeder is designed to provide reliable performance with low maintenance requirements.


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Broiler Feeders

Plasson broiler feeders feature an innovative design for better animal welfare and excellent feed conversion. Grilled and grill-less feeders are available with both automatic and manual shutoff options. The latest grilled pan primary feeder is the ideal option for heavy birds.


Breeder Feeders

With its strong, durable and grill-less design, the Plasson breeder feeders give easy feed access for uniform feed distribution.


Turkey Poult Feeders

The grill-less turkey poultry feeding pan allows poults to easily reach the feed even during the first days, and the high flooding design stimulates growth.


Duck Feeders

The Plasson adult duck feed pans for start and finish ensure feed is always fresh and accessible, and its flexible drop tube and collar reduces bruising.


Learn More

Learn more about the whole Plasson Feeding Systems line, including our hopper with stainless-steel boot, control pan complete and more. View the whole catalog and contact your local dealer today.



Poultry Feeding Systems Brochure

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