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Comm 1

Rotem Communicator 1.0

The Rotem Communicator 1.0 is an alarm and communication center that uses advanced methods to assist farmers in the performance of their demanding day-to-day tasks. The Communicator allows you to connect to your farm phone lines, DSL, cellular networks, cable modem and satellite, 24 hours a day. If a message must reach the farmer, the Communicator can send a message via SMS and/or dial-up to notify the farmer about any issues, keeping you updated and informed at all times.

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• Plug in cellular modem (GSM/GPRS). Provides two-way wireless capabilities via GSM services.

• Mobile originated and mobile terminated SMS messages.

• Support for several communication sources and link to any/all of your Rotem controllers simultaneously.

• Plug in voice solution, supports incoming and outgoing phone calls in case of alarms and status reports.

• Plug in analog modem, USB port, Data and Voice Functions.

• 8 Digital Inputs

• 3 Dry Contact, 5 Ampere Output Relays

• Battery Backup


Communication Package Brochure

Communicator 1.0 Spare Parts

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