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Rotem Communicator 2.0

Rotem Communicator 2.0

The Rotem Communicator 2.0 provides complete access to your controllers from any device, anywhere. Its advanced alarm configuration and management software delivers vital, real-time data, giving you the unprecedented ability to quickly handle any problems that arise–wherever you are.


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  • Cloud-based access to controllers from an easy-to-install and easy-to-use device
  • Multiple communication pathways options (internet, telephone, wireless)
  • Status reports provide critical information on house functions and animal statistics
  • Connects to peripheral devices, such as a printer or computer screen
  • Munters’ web, smart phone, and PC application, eanbles easy control over your equipment
  • Access rights management


Communicator 2.0 Brochure


Communication Package Brochure

Communicator 2.0 Spare Parts

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