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Rotem Pro Controller

The Rotem Pro has become the house controller against which all others are judged. Its modular system design enables management of all aspects of a poultry or swine house, including climate, feed, weighing and ventilation, from a single controller, and for all sized operations from standard to mega houses.


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  • Large range of hardware combinations enables extremely flexible system design
  • Less wiring to ventilation fans required (when used in conjunction with the HUBs).
  • Expansion boxes support input/output devices, removing the need for additional controllers
  • Improved software capabilities support an unlimited number of devices, including scales, meters, digital thermostats, and more
  • Extended longevity of hardware components
  • Minimal internal heat improves durability in hot climates
  • Reduced electrical noise levels inside the controller improve signal quality
  • Simplified troubleshooting enables detecting faulty cards easily and quickly


Rotem Pro Brochure

Rotem One/Pro/Exp Spare Parts

Internal Communications Card Spare Parts


Smart House Brochure


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