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Product Info

Rotem RDT-5 Digital Thermostat

Rotem RDT-5 Digital Thermostat

The RDT-5 digital thermostat provides highly accurate readings to ensure Rotem Controllers operate according to specifications.

The RDT-5 is a five-stage digital thermostat that works in conjunction with controllers or as a stand-alone unit (using its own temperature to activate backup systems).


Broilers, BreedersTurkeyLivestockControllers and CommunicationRotem

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  • Automatic correlation to current growth day and target set point
  • Five independent thermostats
  • Each stage can be set to backup cooling or heating operations
  • Ten point and ten day temperature curve
  • Can be programed via a Platinum Controllers or directly from the RDT-5 UI
  • Unit operates independently from the controller, ensuring operations when backup systems are required.
  • No software needed to run the unit: software is used to configure the unit only
  • Comes equipped with built-in power and input protection

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