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Product Info

Rotem Rlink

Rotem Rlink One

The Rlink One provides an alternative for situations when connecting controllers to the communication network via a communication cable is not feasible. The product was designed to ensure RF signal quality, enable long-distance transmission, and greatly simplify installation and setup.


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  • Supports loopback signal transmission, enabling you to test antennas and locations before installing controllers or other communication units
  • Adjustable power levels minimize signal interference from adjoining networks
  • Improved user interface and multiple LEDs simplify troubleshooting in every aspect of signal transmission
  • Improved electronics ensures signal stability
  • Operates at frequencies and power levels that do not require a license
  • Rlink One can function in multiple roles
  • Multiple transmission rates, channel addresses, and power levels
  • Backward compatible


Rlink One Brochure

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