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Rotem RSC-2SE Scale
Rotem RSC-2SE Scale

Rotem RSC-2SE Scale

The RSC-2SE (RSC2) is an advanced, user-friendly live bird scale center that makes crucial weighing procedures easier, faster and more accurate than ever. This stand-alone system weighs any bird (breeders, broilers, pullets and turkeys) with outstanding accuracy and exceptional weighing speed. It can be used with a hanging scale or floor platform.


Broilers, BreedersTurkey, Controllers and CommunicationRotemSmart House

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  • Collects and calculates exact data on the average bird weight, number of birds weighed, daily weight gain, standard deviation, CV, and uniformity
  • Separate weighing for males and females
  • Quick and easy installation and setup
  • Can support up to two scales
  • Option of stainless steel hanging scale or floor platform



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