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SRP EVENGROW® Model ALTX – Stainless Steel

The SRP EVENGROW® Model ALTX offers the best premium features available in the agricultural industry for optimum production and greater return on investment. This model can also be used in greenhouse applications.


 Broilers, Breeders, Turkey, Hog GreenhouseVentilation, Heating, SRP

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  • Patented SRP EVENGROW® heat distribution
  • No hot spots for maximum comfort of penned animals
  • Improved growth rates
  • Reduced crowding
  • Single or two stage control capability
  • Best reliability in harsh environments
  • Anti-corrosion construction
  • Low clearances above for installation close to ceilings
  • Sealed maintenance-free blower motor
  • Nickel plated “Jet Stream” burner cup
  • High efficiency, maximum energy is delivered to the floor
  • Optional “Flapper” to prevent cold air infiltration


SRP ALTX Hog Brochure


SRP General Hog Brochure


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