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Plasson Super Easy Start Adjustable for Turkey Poults

The Plasson Super Easy Start Adjustable supplies fresh water in the mini bowl with a spring mechanism that ensures a constant supply of water. The water level can be adjusted according to need.

With Plasson’s SESA you can ensure:

  • Water level according to the poults requirements
  • A uniform and heavy weight flock
  • Lower mortality
  • Drier litter
  • Healthier birds
  • More space available per bird
  • Cups are kept clean through natural drinking (No need of cup cleaning)

TurkeyWatering & FeedingPlasson

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  • Ideal for Turkey Poults from Day 1 to 8 weeks
  • 25 – 30 Turkey Poults per SESA
  • Recommended Nipple to install with SESA – PLASSON Grey Nipple
  • For subsequent growth stages, PLASSON’S Turkey Heavy Finish is recommended


SESA Brochure

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