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Rotem Super Guard & Pig Guard

The Super Guard and Pig Guard controllers provide advanced climate control for pigs, including control over temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and feeding. Super Guard units placed in a central control room can program and communicate with as many as 10 Pig Guard units placed in individual pig rooms.


In the event that communication between the Super Guard and an individual Pig Guard is lost, the Pig Guard will continue to ventilate its room. This economical solution decreases controller costs per room while allowing the entire pig house to be managed from a single location, revolutionizing the concept of complete facility management for the hog market.

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  • Built-in design redundancy ensures that individual Pig Guard units will continue to ventilate rooms should communication to the Super Guard be lost.
  • Can be expanded to a maximum of 16 relays with the addition of an Expansion Box
  • Pig Guard relays can be programmed for a number of different functions
  • Optional CommBox or Communicator 2.0 allows remote communication & alarm capability
  • Remote communication allows access to Pig Guard programming and historical information via Internet
  • Alarm center provides alerts in real-time via speech, text or email with exact location and alarm type
  • Central location of Super Guard allows easy connection to existing alarm system
  • 24/7 Automatic control and supervision ensures optimal climatic conditions
  • Modular design for simple, cost-effective troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Highly efficient, user-friendly
  • Durable 30 amp relays

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