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SRP Premier VS

The SRP Premier VS is a feature rich, high efficiency continuous radiant system that takes full advantage of the performance synergies that only an engineered system can provide. Unlike other “systems” which merely connect multiple unitary style heaters, this maximum design flexibility ensures that all the performance and energy savings requirements of the application can be realized. Designs are further enhanced by a full complement of additional features, including diverse tubing materials, reflector shielding configurations, multiple vacuum pump sizes and advanced control options.


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  • Custom engineered to precisely fit your building heat requirements.
  • Vacuum vented for maximum safety and operating efficiency.
  • Burner rates from 60,000 to 150,000 BTU/H can fill any heating need.
  • Up to 1.2 million BTUs on a single vacuum pump with single building penetration – Multiple houses on a single pump
  • Additional fuel economy of at least 5%
  • Unique, patented burner design results in – precise firing rates, reduced noxious emissions, shorter tailpipe requirements, more burners in series.
  • Reflectors of superior design and performance with side, bottom and tilted shield options.
  • Run indicator light.
  • Couplings that outperform all others.
  • Burner housing with hinged access doors (no loose doors).
  • Filters are easily changed even with outside combustion air fitted.
  • Stainless reflector, tubes and couplings available
  • Vacuum pumps are corrosion resistant, heavy duty construction with several sizes available to best match the system.
  • Warranty – 1 year for the control panel, 3 years for parts, 10 years for burner head. (For more info; please refer to specs and manual).
  • Patented Technology (US Patent #5,842,854)


SRP Premier VS Brochure

SRP Premier VS Manual

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