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Product Info

FRP Strap

Diversified Tunnel Door

Diversified’s brand of Tunnel Doors with the strap and pipe drive system offer an affordable ventilation solution that delivers precise, long-term operation while reducing air leakage for significant energy savings.


Designed to replace curtains, which lack insulation, or old tunnel doors, which allow air leakage as cable stretch, Diversified Tunnel Doors simplify tunnel ventilation and extend product longevity. The maintenance-free strap and pipe drive system delivers precise, reliable control. The military-grade polyester non-stretch strap greatly extends product longevity, and the FRP (fiberglass panel) shutter doors, which are insulated with 1-1/2 inches of extruded polystyrene insulation, are corrosion resistant and reduce energy costs.


Broilers, Breeders, Turkey, Livestock, Greenhouse, Ventilation, Heating, Diversified Agriculture 

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  • 1-1/2-inch-thick FRP door with extruded polystyrene insulation
  • Strap and pipe drive system
  • 2-year warranty



  • Corrosion-resistant for long-life performance
  • R9 insulation value of 9 1-1/2-inch extruded polystyrene insulation
  • Maintenance-free polyester Strap and Pipe drive system with aluminum hub and stainless-steel set screws, D ring and attachment bracket that eliminates the need to adjust or replace cables
  • Tongue and groove door design that enables easy installation for any custom length
  • Swedged-end pipes that bolt together for easy installation
  • Durable 304 stainless steel hinges provide durable performance


Tunnel Door Brochure 

Tunnel Door Installation Manual


Technical Specifications

Width45 1/2 inch doors with tongue and groove connectors provide variable lengths
HeightAvailable in 67 inch, and 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot
ColorDark Gray
Drive systemG3 250 Door machine is used to actuate Strap and Pipe drive system.


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