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Plasson MK2 with Bluetooth Flush Control

Flush and clean nipple lines wirelessly using the The MK2 with Bluetooth Flush Control. The Flush Control’s stand-alone program enables flushing multiple times daily based on a set program or by temperature thresholds. Automated water line flushing ensures lines are clean and the full benefits of proper water handling are achieved.


Broilers, Breeders, Turkey, Watering & Feeding, Plasson

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  • A wireless solution for applying automatic flushing
  • No wires or wiring required
  • Save on labor and electric installation costs
  • Setup and manage a flushing regime through a simple application on any mobile device
  • Deliver fresh, cooler, cleaner water for birds
  • Easily combined with Plasson WOD Pro system and other drinking solutions
  • Most practical solution for flushing nipple lines in cages



Flush Control Brochure


MK2 Catalog

Pressure Reducer and Regulator Brochure

Vibration prevention steps

High pressure regulator instructions

Retrofit kit instructions

Competitor regulator instructions 



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