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Plasson Water On Demand Pressure Management System

The Plasson Water On Demand (WOD) provides simple control and flexible 24/7 water pressure management to help poultry producers meet the constantly changing water pressure demands of a poultry house.

With WOD, poultry growers can change the water pressure of the entire house at one central location, saving labor, and ensuring ideal water pressure based on birds’ changing demands during a daily 24-hour cycle and throughout the entire grow period.

The WOD helps keep floors drier, creating a healthier environment and therefore more Grade A paws. By delivering greater water volume during increased bird activity, performance is also boosted.


Broilers, Breeders, Turkey, Watering & Feeding, Plasson

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The patented WOD:

  • Gives control of all nipple line pressure from a central point
  • Maintains high flow during high consumption periods
  • Keeps litter drier by reducing flow rates during low consumption periods
  • Eliminates labor intensive water pressure management of each nipple line


WOD Brochure


WOD Advantages


24v Wiring Instructions to Connect Rotem

Initial Installation Instructions

WOD Basic Auto Parts Diagram

WOD Auto w/ Extension Parts Diagram

WOD Panel Parts Diagram Auto

WOD Panel Parts Diagram Manual

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