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Red_NipplePlasson Nipple System
gray with tray
Plasson Nipple System
2205009 orange nipple

Plasson Nipple Systems – Broilers

With the diverse line of Plasson nipple systems, you can choose the ideal flow rate for your needs. Every Plasson nipple comes with the same promise of quality, reliability and optimal performance. We use high quality materials to ensure the nipples can withstand years of bird activity.


Learn more about the newest addition to the Plasson family of nipples: The Red Nipple


Our nipple systems feature:

  • Structural simplicity: three stainless steel components deliver a reliable, maintenance-free system
  • Regulators for head, mid and split line configurations
  • Durable PVC tubes and aluminum profiles
  • Central house water head with various treatment and medicating options


Broilers, Watering & Feeding, Plasson

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  • Optimum performance. Wide selection of nipples allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate best suited to your birds.
  • Side action meets demands of heavy-weight broilers. Plasson nipples provide the maximum amount of water at the slightest touch. The Nipple responds at any angle. Even day-old chicks, at the most critical stage of growth, can easily activate the nipple.
  • Double sealing. Two sealing points to ensure dry litter.
  • Structural simplicity means ultimate reliability. One integrated system consisting of only three parts allows the system to provide reliable, maintenance-free performance.



  • Heavier, healthier birds
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Reduced mortality
  • Fewer condemnations
  • Drier floors
  • Significant labor savings and overall higher returns

Flow Rate vs Inlet Pressure

Nipple Guidelines

Number of birds per nipple
Gray with tray12-14 broilers
Yellow10-12 broilers
Orange10-12 broilers
Red10-12 broilers


Complete nipple flow rate guide



Drinking Systems for Broilers



Red Nipple Brochure



Gray Nipple with Tray Literature



Gray with Tray Operation Instructions 



Yellow Nipple Operation instructions



Orange Nipple Operation instructions




Nipple Drinker System Installation Manual

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