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Rotem RLED 2.0 Light Dimmer

RLED 2.0 provides simple, effective control over the majority of LED lighting systems used in the poultry industry. Along with the RLED 2.0’s advanced electronic circuits, the Light Dimmer’s software package provides superior performance and functionality, enabling high caliber, stable dimming capability. The RLED 2.0 can be managed directly by a poultry house controller via 0-10 volt analog output or communication line.


Broilers, BreedersTurkey, Controllers and CommunicationRotem

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  • Automatic and manual brightness control provides lightening only when required.
  • Key hole mounting simplifies installation
  • Rugged terminals, water tight seals for power cables meet rigorous poultry house conditions
  • Automatic settings recovery after power failure ensures continuity
  • Two independent channels
  • Manual brightness control
  • Programmable brightness control by analog signal 0-10 VDC or by communication line


RLED 2.0 Brochure

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