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UPR 550

Plasson Universal Pressure Regulator (UPR 550)

The Plasson Universal Pressure Regulator delivers a 5-60 PSI adjustable pressure range—enabling a high-flow rate capacity at any selected pressure setting. Its high-volume output—higher than most regulators on the market—and stable pressure control deliver precise pressure management without the need for tools needed to adjust pressure. The Universal Pressure Regulator has a sturdy polypropylene and fiberglass body, non-metal valve components and stainless-steel spring design for long-term performance.


Broilers, Breeders, Turkey, Hog, Greenhouse, Watering & Feeding, Plasson

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This high-pressure regulator can withstand up to 180 pounds of incoming pressure, various levels of water quality, and types of chemicals. The quality, capacity, simplicity and economic design make the UPR 550 an ideal pressure regulator for any line.


UPR 550 Brochure

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