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Rotem. Green Climate

The Green Climate Controller is a multifunctional greenhouse controller covering diverse climatic conditions. The cost-effective controller is suitable for any climate-controlled greenhouse.

Green Climate’s rich functionality package supports control over ventilation, shading, heating, misting, fans and more. Each controller provides these functions in (up to) four climates zones; a single network can contain up to 50 zones. All functions respond in real time to changes in the climate. Green Climate can be integrated with Green Net, an advanced software program packaged in a user-friendly, colored GUI. Green Net enables remote control over product configuration and management, climate control, along with analysis of the controller’s performance.


GreenhouseControllers and CommunicationRotem

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• Comprehensive climate control system for industrial greenhouses
• Control over ventilation, shading, heating, misting, fans, cool pads, air circulation, CO2 levels, lighting
• Each controller supports up to four climate zones; a network can contain up to 50 zones
• Software includes crop protection process
• Weather station data is shared with all network controllers


Diversified Greenhouse Catalog

Green Climate Brochure

Green Climate User Manual

Green Climate Installation Manual 

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