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Diversified Translucent Shutters

The Translucent Tunnel Shutters are designed to maximize natural sunlight and optimize airflow in greenhouses. They offer precise control over sunlight exposure for effective light regulation, improved plant growth, and energy savings. Key features include translucent panels that provide ample natural light while ensuring privacy, diffused light to minimize hot spots and shady areas for better plant growth, an advanced sealing mechanism to reduce air leakage, and exterior mounting for space-saving and ease of positioning benches close to inlets without obstruction.


Greenhouse, Ventilation, Heating, Diversified

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• Rack & pinion drive eliminates stretching, breaking cables

• No more rodent damaged curtains

• 4, 5 & 6 ft. heights to match existing openings

• Lubricated for life DuraDrive replaces maintenance intensive screw-jack actuators


Translucent Shutters Brochure

Tunnel Shutters installation instructions (PDF)

Tunnel Shutters Spare Parts

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