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Rotem. Green JET with Controller & ECPH

Green JET is a fully configurable, cost-effective fertilizer/acid dosing unit system that precisely and accurately injects fertilizers according to field/plant requirements. Requiring minimal capital investment and operating in any site conditions, Green JET optimizes the main irrigation lines’ available water flow rate and pressure to ensure maximum efficiency. Montres Fertilizer injectors perform real-time monitoring and control, while providing the best possible plant nutrition under any growing conditions. These units deliver the most accurate fertigation possible by:


• controlling the amount of fertilizer relative to the amount of water
• simultaneously measuring and adjusting the EC PH values to the exact level the plant requires for optimal growth


This technology is backed up by vast technical knowledge gained through decades of experience in the agriculture industry


GreenhouseControllers and CommunicationRotem

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• Flexible/modular fertigation system
• Suitable for soil and soilless media crops
• Minimal capital investment
• Reduced water, fertilizer and energy consumption
• Very high level of EC and pH control
• Nearly maintenance-free Venturi operations – No moving parts


Diversified Greenhouse Catalog

Green JET Brochure

Green JET Installation Manual


Standard Features

Standard Features
• Controller: Green Field or Green Field Eco (refer to the controllers data sheets for technical details).
• Available in 50/60 Hz, three or single-phase power supply.
• EC/pH Control Single or double measurement.
• Irrigation Flow Rate 5 – 600 m³/hour (22 – 2700 GPM).
• System Pressure 2.0– 5.0 bar (29 – 73 PSI).Higher pressure is available via special order.
* System order depends on the required configuration. Please contact customer service.

Fertilizer and Acid Dosing Channel Range

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